Danish trend research in encyclopedia of world dress and fashion

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion

Are Trends Becoming Obsolete? In a Ph.D. dissertation from The Danish Design School, Maria Mackinney-Valentin studies how and why fashion trends change, and whether there have been any changes in trend mechanisms in the 21st century. Read her article in the new, 10 volume set encyclopedia of world dress and fashion

The Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion explores, in 760 articles and 3.6 million words, the dressed and adorned body across cultures and throughout history. Illustrated with over 2,000 images, it is essential for all students, scholars and practitioners of fashion and textiles, across disciplines. Available in print - as a 10 volume set - and online within the Berg Fashion Library.

Danish Design Research
The Encyclopedia has a number of contributions from unique Danish research profiles. Maria Mackinney-Valentin is one of them - and she is now holding a position as lecturer at The Danish Design School - still following trend mechanisms and teaching within her field of research.

Find the encyclopedia here
Berg Publishers: www.bergfashionlibrary.com/page/encyclopedia/-berg-encyclopedia-of-world-dress-and-fashion

You will find it at The Danish Design School's Library

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