Production Design

Production Design

Design for tv, movies and computer games

Production Design is an area of specialization that covers design for film, TV, animations, motion graphics, music videos and computer games. The production designer’s work includes visual concept work to ensure image quality, continuity, and a unified expression in keeping with the larger narrative framework.

As a designer in this field you take a methodical approach to the development and definition of concepts, coordination, and design production. Production design is a complex process that relies on cooperation among a broad range of specialized skill sets and disciplines. In filmmaking this takes place in close collaboration with the producer and director from the idea stage to the development of the overall visual concept – in TV productions you work in close dialogue with the script writer. In this context, it is the production designer’s responsibility to ensure consistency in the overall audio-visual expression of the production. To achieve this, the production designer oversees the coordination of a range of component design tasks: stage design, costumes, motion graphics, art direction and special effects.

By means of a variety of visualization methods, from drafts of audio-visual parameters over the development of conceptual and conditional storyboards to the design of models and floor plans, as a production designer you will be able to manage and control the design of a given production in relation to the overall audio-visual concept of the production as well as the time frame, physical setting and budget.

As a production designer you will work in the film, TV or computer game industry with various areas of specialization such as animation, motion graphics, special effects, character design, background design, costume design etc. And new areas are being added all the time: media graphics, stage design, virtual studio, and a growing interactive entertainment industry where you can be involved in visualizing new concepts and universes.

About Production Design

The programme in Production Design teaches you to work methodically and lets you acquire skills, competences and qualifications that will form the basis for creative work and for managing cooperation among different industries and professional traditions. You will specialize in the visual design of concepts for the overall expression of media productions. You will learn to navigate within and among the related professional disciplines and use specific tools to manage design for film, TV or computer-based media on a highly professional level.

You learn to develop, structure, visualize and convey a visual concept based on an analysis of a written text or outline. You also learn about colour studies, style history and film history, and throughout your studies you continue to develop your drafting skills, knowledge of materials, and model making abilities. Cooperation skills are essential, along with insight into project management and the ability to mediate between various technical and artistic professions.

The programme is mainly situated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Design, but some components take place at The National Film School of Denmark. In addition, you may engage in work placement and/or exchange programmes during your studies.


As a designer specializing in Production Design you will be able to work with many forms of media, either as a permanent member of staff or as a freelancer.
You will be able to work in film, advertising and TV production companies or with computer games, animation film, short or full-length feature films, TV programmes for children and teenagers, interactive entertainment programmes and a wide range of other productions. You will work with special effects, virtual design, props, model making, concepts, storyboards, animation and motion graphics or with specialized areas such as character design or costumes. The relevant industries mainly rely on freelance staff, and you will often be hired on a project basis.
Production designer is a relatively new job title, and therefore it will be partly up to you to define your job functions. Good cooperation skills are essential, and you will be working closely with a variety of other job functions, such as script writers, visualizers, concept designers, storyboard artists, art directors, stage designers, set designers, stylists, costume designers, and property masters.

This are of specialization cooperates closely with the study programmes at The National Film School of Denmark: film, animation directing, script writing and TV.

Work placement is not a mandatory part of the programme but an option that you may choose to take during your studies. For example, you may find work placement with:
  • Film and TV production companies
  • Advertising agencies or
  • Computer game developers.

Work placement offers a good angle to your studies and gives you a chance to apply what you have learned, find inspiration and develop new perspectives and networks.

Student projects - Bachelor

"Der i Mørket" (Credo) - Studerendes første oplevelse af arbejdet med filmmediet (Kasper Baggersgaard m.fl., 2009)

”BARK” ( Credo). Første arbejde med levende billeder ( William Reynish m. fl., 2010)

Det bevidste bad”. Med udgangspunkt i et koncept udarbejdet af studerende produceres en reklamefilm (Koncept: Tine Lylloff Madsen, Produktion: Kenneth Darre, Käthe Espersen, Cecilie J. Justesen, Maria T. Larsen, 2008)

Studieprojekt "Ramlösa Mineralvand - I ny sportsflaske"

Studentprojects - Master

”Illustrated Animation”, Afgangsprojekt fra 2011 ( ProductionDesigner Anders Hald).

Bunker”, Eksperiment med undersøgelse af videoens muligheder i skitsemodellen ( Anna M. Svensson, 2007).

”Stilhed”, Eksperiment til undersøgelse af levende billeder og lyd i skitsemodel ( Jeannette S. Holm, 2007)

Dark City”, Afgangsprojekt fra 2007 (ProductionDesigner Jan Ditlev Christensen)

Film er mange ting: Her er en animationsfilm
under produktion. Dukkerne er lavet af ler.

Al arbejde med film, tv og computerspil kræver mængder
af forberedende arbejde, møder og masser af skitser….

Man kan også lave skitser i tre dimensioner.
Her en hurtig papmodelskitse af en hotelfoyer

Skitser er faktisk den vigtigste kommunikationsform på ProductionDesign.

Ret præcist kan man i sit kocept udtrykke, hvordan man mener at karakteren bør fremstå.

Papskitsemodel som lige har været en tur videre i computeren for en endelig finish.

Papmodeller bruges ikke kun som skitser. Ofte kan en dygtig
papmodel bruges som dekoration for en scene i en lille film.

To karakterskitser til et reklamefilmskoncept.

Selv skitser kan nogle gange gå hen og blive en del af en lille filmfortælling