Flemming Tvede Hansen

Flemming Tvede

Ph.D. Scholar, Ceramic.


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Attached to:
Department of Research and Artistic Practice


Research Project:
The working title of my Ph.D. project is: "Integration of the 3d graphic digital media in the shaping process of ceramic craft". The Project was initiated the 1 February 2006 and is financed by Vestsjællands Amt, Guldagergaard, Danish Museum of Art and Design, Danmarks Designskole, Center for Design Research. The approach is practice based design research and the content is about integration of the 3d graphic digital media in the shaping process of ceramic craft.

The project has three aims. Two of these have to do with the theme. The third has to do with a parallel development of method and theory grounding:

1. The first aim is to explore if - and how the digital media can be used in the shaping process by exploiting the intuitive knowledge that the ceramist has about 3d form and material.

The working hypothesis is that it is possible to utilize existing digital simulations tools to simulate physically processes (e.g. deformation of elastic object, collision of more or less rigid elements, affections on liquids with different surface tensions etc.) These tools are originally developed for animation in the film industry.

2. The second aim is to explore, how that kind of tools for simulation can be used in the shaping process; i.e. what it can add in an artistic qualitative sense.

The working hypothesis is, that the tools for simulations, if they are used in a suitable way, have a potential to support a craftsman's work with the ceramic material to express narrative in themes like metamorphosis, relativity, transformation, states of moments etc.

The project will be based on concrete empirical experiments by using ceramic, where the form only has come into existence with the help of tools for simulations. But the criterion for success is artistic and has to be estimated qualitative aesthetic. This makes it difficult to specify method of investigation and a theoretic foundation that will show scientific measurable results, because there is no established paradigm for research in this field. Hence the project has a third aim.

3. The third aim is to test theories of science through case studies and generalize the experiences in a way which makes them usable for other cases of practice based research.

Short resume
2006-09 PhD. Scholar, Danmarks Designskole.

2005-06 teacher at Danmarks Designskole.

2004 co-founder, New Danish Ceramics

1997 Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan.

1994 Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland.

1990-95 Danmarks Designskole, dept. of Ceramics.

Public Awards
2000 The Danish Ceramics Triennial 2000, Prize-winning.

1998 The Art and Crafts prize of 1879, silver, Denmark

1997 Biennial of Crafts and Design 1997, Denmark, First Prize.

1997-00,04 Governmental Artist Foundation, Denmark

1995-99,02 The Danish Nationalbanks Anniversary Foundation of 1968.

Works in Public Collections
Ny Carlsberg Foundation, Denmark.
Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan.
Trapholt Kunstmuseum, Denmark
The Grimmerhus Museum of Ceramic Art.
The Governmental Artist Foundation, Denmark
FuLe International Ceramic Museum (FLICAM), China.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2001 Gallery "PULS", Brussels, Belgium

1999 Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen.
Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Ålborg, Denmark.

1998 Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen.
"Deform 2", gallery 5th space, Kyoto, Japan.

1997 "Deform 1", Udstillingssted for Ny Keramik, Copenhagen.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2004 Galleri "Clara Scremini", Paris.
FuLe International Ceramic Museum (FLICAM), China.
Stuff - Ingenuity & Critique, Toronto, Canada.

2003 "New Danish Ceramics", Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen.
"Derfor"Paustian, København.

2002 "Unika", Museum voor Sierkunst, Ghent, Belgium.
"From the Kilns of Denmark", The American Craft Museum in New York City.
"Mellemrum", Galleri Nørby,Copenhagen.

2001 Dansk Form-Tur retur, Gl. Dok, Copenhagen

2000 Trapholt Kunstmuseum, Denmark.
Dansk Form-Design vom Nachbarn, Hamborg, Germany.
Charlottenborgs efterårsudstilling, Copenhagen.

1999 "Keramik aus Danemark", Galleri Handwerk, Munich, Germany.

1998 Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan.
"Talente ´98", Munich, Germany.
Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen.

1997 Charlottenborgs forårsudstilling, Copenhagen.
Biennial of Crafts and Design 1997, Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Ålborg, Denmark.